tirsdag 8. desember 2009


We worked together with the cows. this is one of the best day, we have learned a lot about cows.

It is already 5 days that we stay at Tomb. we have started to work last thurday with the christmass stuff and the friday with the cattle.

giving food to the cows

milking a cow

and learning how to use " VSM" Volontary System Milking"
this is king of maching using for milking.

then, we teach each other

even we work together, we learn the same things but it is always nice to share your experiences to your teammate. when you share you teach your self :)

now, it is time to feed the little calf.

first we have to prepare the food:

we use this milk poweder for the calf, add it with water and we let it one day after we give it to them.

second, we take 1,5 liter of the milk for the calf and give it to them.

because somes the calf are just 11 hours, we have to give them name and number so, have to put them their number.

and we end the day with giving name to the 3 calfs!

i put the the name and the number of the new calf in the computer.
calf number 2859 is called sthela! ;)

the best part of it was to have fun together

that was nice day with the perfect team and nice people! :)

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