mandag 8. mars 2010

Sthela skriver i bloggen sin :)

Øya, the school of heart!

it has been 3 weeks that i am at Øya vinderegående skole. It is really nice place, the time i was here, i feel really happy. the people are really nice, king and friendly. the first day we went for trip with the third year class. so, it was really amazing, they translated for us and i think they want to know more about us and our country.

about the work, it is really nice, we work in the cowshed and with the sheaps. the work here is more management. because when we work in those places we work without the teacher. so i think it is more educational that i do it my self and then the teacher corrige my mmistake.

i am so happy to get chance to go this place

i love øya.

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