mandag 11. januar 2010

Mirana skriver i bloggen sin :D

From December 2009 until January 2010

Much number of things happened from the last month of the year 2009 (December) until this new year,and we've done a lot of travel.For the first time in my life I passed Christmas and New year without my family,and it was a bit challenge for me but also one of the best part in my life which I've experienced in Norway.Some days before Christmas we've been together with the headmaster of Tomb Skole in her house and family in Hof,and we had a lot of fun there: Playing with the snow (making Snølys),playing with the hay (høy på Norsk),trying skying,and so on...!That was very nice even though the weather was so cold,around -28 degrees,and they said that Hof is one of the coldest place in Norway.Then we've experienced the coldest winter of this country.In 24th of December,we moved to Stokke and celebrated "Juleaften" with some family friend there.In 25th we moved again to Nøtterøy and passed "Juledag" with our precious Norwegian grand-mother and made Malagasy food together with her,singing together and making a cute snowman!
During the New year's eve,we've been in Hamar: Grimrud Nyttårsfestival,it was a Christian gathering.It was really touching me,and made a big change in my life because we had a lot of worships there and had got a lot of lessons about our whole life.It was so amazing!

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