torsdag 11. februar 2010

Mirana skriver i bloggen sin :D

Welcome back to Gjennestad! :D

After two months of experiences at Tomb Skole,here I am again at Gjennestad Gartner Skole!It is nice to be back here,and we (me with two boys, from Madagascar and Bengladesh) are going to stay here for two months as well!Here we go again with the plants!!!Gjennestad doesn't have any animals,only flowers,vegetables and herbs (like basilicum,rosmaria,...)

One of the exciting things here is that we can attend the classes with the students and we participate in all kind of activities as well ( sports,christian meeting,games,...)

The first week,we worked with the flowers which is called "Stemor" or "Step-mother" in English.It is one of the famous spring flowers in Norway,we can also find it in the forest.But there are some differences between the wild one and the one which is from the greenhouse.

As I said the first week,we worked with this kind of flower,we did "transplanting",taking them from the little pots to the bigger ones after of seeding.

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