tirsdag 13. april 2010

Fra litt, til mye norsk

fra " jeg snaker ikke norsk" til " jeg snakker men bare litt"

Language is one of the basic needed to know when you go to new country and want to interact with them. i still remeber the time when i was at Hald international senter, i did not speak norwegian. It was hard to understand them,, and if someone speaks to me, i always say, jeg snakker ikke norsk. that was during 3 months. But after some learing and self studing there where some evaluation. the big step that i made was to talk with someone who does not speak english at all, so i have to learn. i visit ingeborg, a woman, who was in madagascar some years ego, she does not speak english very much. so she speaks norwegian with me and my team mates. To not do some miss understanding i and my team mates have to learn norwegian.

after some visit and self teaching, i could see some evaluation in norwegian, most of the missionar who was in Madagascar, if they know that i could speak english even just ten world, they try to speak norwegian. so that was also a way to learn this difficult language.

now, i live in throndheim, it is another dialict. But i try, yeasterday during the Øyadagen, i have sell Vaffle so i have to speak norwegian, and i tryed. it worked, i am so happy. now even i still need some translation during big event i can say that i understand some norwegian in meeting. not 100 o/o but at least 40 o/o. Even i have 2 months left, i still have this eager to learn norwegian.

nå, jeg prøve å snakker norsk selv, det er litt vanskelig språk!

så bra!

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