onsdag 4. november 2009

Stella skriver i bloggen sin :)

Work at Nøttrøy!

it is part of the practise moment for the student in Gjennestad. Me and may team, it was our tour to have the practise there, it was with the first year. with the first year we have tow days. the first day, we had change the garbage, cleaning around the school. And the second day, the friday, we went to nøttrøy.we planted flowers around some houses.This friday,We dig the ground to put the flowers. it was litle bit difficult because the ground is composed by stones, sands and it is frozen. so it took some times to do it. But after, thanks to the materials, it became easy to dig. when it was finish, then we had try to put some grounds, this ground protects to the cold and prevents too to the wild grass. during the day, we had to plant and though at the same time that it should looks nice. when the day end, infact, It was nice day just with cold weather:)

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